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Save By Keeping Fluids Cleaner, Longer.

Clean industrial fluid is a key to quality and productivity. And keeping fluid cleaner over longer service intervals is a key to cost-savings and improved profitability.

That’s why fabricating and metalworking operations use Spinner II fluid-cleaning centrifuges – the world leader in bypass filtration.

A Spinner II centrifuge does what a full-flow filter alone can’t: it cleans fluids down to the sub-micron level and it literally removes contaminants from the fluid stream. In the process, it preserves additive effectiveness and prolongs full-flow filter life. So your machinery and processes run cleaner, longer.



Making Machinery and Processes Run Better.

  • Extends service intervals for greater productivity
  • Reduces costs of fluids, media filters and labor
  • Extends tool life
  • Improves component quality
  • Increases machinery productivity
  • Decreases operating costs
  • Increases overall service life of machinery

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For all your industrial processes

Spinner II® centrifuges clean metalworking and machining cutting oil, quench oil, press oil, hydraulic oil, waste oil and other industrial fluids.

They are effective with a wide range of machinery and manufacturing processes, including cutting, grinding, honing, stamping, wire drawing, gun drilling, CNC machining, electrical discharge machining, boring, quenching, heat treating and more.

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Simply effective: here’s how it works

A Spinner II centrifuge is a highly efficient, self-contained, oil-cleaning unit for bypass and off-line filtration. Powered only by engine oil pressure, It operates at speeds in excess of 6,000 rpm, generating a force more than 2,000 times greater than gravity. This force extracts solid contaminants from the fluid stream and deposits them on the inner wall of the cleanable rotor as a dense, solid cake.

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Model 6600HS for Highly Abrasive Service

The Spinner II 6600HS centrifuge is designed for the toughest oil cleaning applications with high volumes of abrasive contaminants.

A unique sealed-bearing design allows the Model 6600HS to purify oil while protecting critical surfaces in the high-speed centrifuge rotor from interference and wear.

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Low maintenance

Maintaining your centrifuge is easy and consists of periodically removing the debris captured by the centrifuge.

Service intervals vary by individual operating conditions. But the large debris-holding capacity of Spinner II rotors means they typically remain in service several times longer than ordinary media full-flow filters.

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