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Mining Applications

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More Productivity. Lower Costs.

If you want to make every piece of lubricated equipment in your plant last longer, do more, and cost less to operate – keep the oil cleaner. Not by changing your filter, but by adding a Spinner II oil cleaning centrifuge.

A Spinner II centrifuge does what a filter alone can’t: it cleans oil down to the sub-micron level and it literally removes contaminants from the oil stream. In the process, it preserves additive effectiveness and prolongs full-flow filter life.

The result is a level of oil purity that lets you extend service intervals multiple times longer than you’re doing now. Plus it protects engines and equipment against wear better and more consistently than ever before.



Save Now. Save Long-term.

  • Extends operating intervals; increases productivity
  • Cuts oil, filter and labor costs
  • Eliminates oil-related unscheduled downtime
  • Stretches time between overhauls
  • Lengthens equipment service life
  • Reduces waste for better environmental protection

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For all your lubricated machinery

Spinner II centrifuges clean engine oil, as well as bearing, hydraulic and transmission fluids in mobile and fixed mining machinery.

Mobile Plant: haul trucks, loaders, shovels, scrapers, dozers and more

Fixed Plant: crushers, mills, pulverizers, gen sets, stationary engines, compressors and more

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Simply effective: here’s how it works

A Spinner II centrifuge is a highly efficient, self-contained, oil-cleaning unit for bypass and off-line filtration. Powered only by engine oil pressure, It operates at speeds in excess of 6,000 rpm, generating a force more than 2,000 times greater than gravity. This force extracts solid contaminants from the fluid stream and deposits them on the inner wall of the cleanable rotor as a dense, solid cake.

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Success stories

For over 30 years, Spinner II centrifuges have provided exceptional oil-cleaning performance with more than 650,000 units in operation worldwide. They have been installed as OEM first-fit for more than 50 engine manufacturers. Take a look at the savings and productivity they’ve delivered in applications like yours.

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Special Systems

CP™ Systems: pump-assisted operation
Here’s a centrifuge solution for or non-pressurized equipment and systems.
CS™ Systems: centrifuge-screen combo
Combine a wire cloth cleanable screen with a Spinner II centrifuge to completely eliminate disposable filters.