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Simply Effective: Here's How it Works

Principle of Operation

What it does

What it does

The Spinner II centrifuge is a highly efficient bypass filtration device. It diverts a small sidestream of oil for processing and returns clean oil to the crankcase.

The centrifuge model/processing capability is matched with your application so that the entire sump capacity is cleaned multiple times per hour of operation (contact T.F. Hudgins for assistance in specifying the ideal model for your application).

How it works

All centrifuge models have the same basic method of operation. This demonstration shows a Model 200HD centrifuge, which has a reusable rotor. A 500 Series centrifuge operates by the same principle, but has a sealed, single-use, disposable rotor.

Powered only by engine oil pressure (pump-assisted models are available if needed), the centrifuge rotates at speeds in excess of 6,000 rpm, generating a force more than 2,000 times greater than gravity. This force slings contaminants smaller than one micron out of your oil and packs them into a dense cake on the wall of the centrifuge bowl.

how it works

  1. Dirty oil flows through hollow spindle into rotating bowl under normal oil pump pressure.
  2. As oil passes through the rotating bowl, centrifugal force separates oil and solid contaminants.
  3. Contaminants are deposited as a solid cake on the surface the bowl.
  4. Clean oil exits through opposing, twin nozzles that power the centrifuge in excess of 6,000 rpm.
  5. Clean oil returns to the sump/reservoir from the level control base.