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A Stratus diesel particulate filter protects people and the environment by capturing particle matter from exhaust emissions.
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Ideal for equipment with low exhaust gas temperatures and highly fluctuating duty cycles.
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Designed for equipment with sufficient exhaust gas temperature (10% @ 716°F) for regeneration and diesel engines up to 800 HP.
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Passive system combining an efficient, upstream diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) with a sintered metal filter (SMF).
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Active regeneration monitors and regenerates the entire system, allowing continuous operation of the machine.

Operate from 2,000 to 2,500 hours (depending on the application) due to a high ash holding capacity.

No need for expensive cleaning equipment and facilities.

No need to replace the sintered metal filter during the lifetime of the engine.

Achieves particle separation efficiency higher than 99%.

Via automatic dosing of diesel additive.

Cost efficiency and effectiveness demonstrated in the field.

Compact design and wide range of exhaust temperatures.

Sintered metal technology achieves exhaust backpressures that correspond to engine OEM specifications and therefore represent no risk to the engine.

Conventional ceramic filters operate with considerably higher backpressures, reducing engine output and causing increased fuel consumption.


The heart of all Stratus diesel particulate filters is the SMF® filter, which is constructed from high-strength sintered metal. As hot exhaust from the engine enters the Stratus DPF, gaseous components flow through the microscopic pores of the SMF filter pockets. Soot and ultra-fine particles are trapped on the surface and deposited on individual filter pockets.

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