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SMF-AR Diesel Particulate Filters

The Stratus Model SMF-AR diesel particulate filter offers high performance, with low maintenance and low operating costs.

The SMF-AR is designed for applications in the low to medium power output range with low or variable power consumption.

The SMF-AR features active regeneration, a do-it-yourself cleaning capability in which advanced sensor/control technology and heating elements automatically burn off particulate trapped in the sintered metal filter element. The soot burn-off is triggered as soon as the filter has a full load of soot particles.

High filtration efficiency and advanced regeneration technology make Stratus SMF-AR diesel particulate filters a dependable choice that benefits both operators and the environment.

Key Advantages
  • Consistent filtration efficiency >99%*
  • Excellent inflow and flow through
  • Low exhaust back-pressure and reduced fuel consumption
  • High ash-holding capacity for extended service
  • Simple to clean
  • Low costs of operation and maintenance
  • Lifetime element
  • Modular, self-supporting design
  • Compact units adapts easily to different installation spaces


SMF-AR Operations

The SMF-AR diesel particulate filter regenerates fully and automatically without machine downtimes. Pressure and temperature sensors, together with an airflow meter, monitor the load level of the filter and trigger regeneration according to an adjustable strategy.

During regeneration a heating element uses electrical energy without direct contact to ignite the soot, which then completely burns off over the entire filter. The electrical energy required for regeneration is so low that it can be taken from the on-board supply without any problems. Soot burn-off has no negative effect on the exhaust emission or performance of the machine.


In order to ignite the soot electrically without direct contact, the normal ignition temperature of approximately 600°C is reduced to approx. 400°C with the aid of an additive. The additive is automatically introduced with the correct dose to the diesel fuel tank from a separate tank.

During combustion in the engine the additive bonds to the soot. Subsequently, in the filter, this ensures easy ignition of the soot by the heating element. The performance and chemical composition of the additive used corresponds to additives which have already been in use for some years in cars. These additives do not affect or harm the engine.


SMF-AR Components

  • Filter module with heating element for regeneration
  • Input/output module including seals and clamping rings for easy assembly
  • Electronic control unit with display for regeneration with optical warning (incl. 2x pressure sensors, 1x temperature sensor, 1x airflow meter)
  • Cable harness for complete system provided
  • Automatic additive dosing with level control and tank for additive
  • Power supply cable
  • Detailed documentation
  • SMF-AR diesel additive DT8 or DT8i
  • Extension for heating cable
  • Insulation for filter module for protection against heat-sensitive components in engine compartment (if present)
  • Mounting fittings for filter module
  • The input/output module is available as an axial or radial version
  • Power supply cable length (specify when ordering)