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SMF-DOC Diesel Particulate Filters With Fuel Borne Catalyst

The Stratus SMF-DOC diesel particulate filter combines an efficient, upstream diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) with a sintered metal filter (SMF) for 99% reduction of PM and 95% reduction of HC and CO.

The system utilizes continuous, passive regeneration.

Key Advantages
  • The catalyst provides oxidation of:
    1. carbon monoxide (CO) and uncombusted hydrocarbons (HC) to form water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2)
    2. nitrogen monoxide (NO) to form nitrogen dioxide (NO2)
  • The SMF particulate filter:
    1. traps particulate matter (PM) in the filter material and
    2. continuously oxidizes the accumulated PM using nitrogen dioxide (NO2) generated in the oxidation catalyst

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